The little hill (left picture) is on the way to the beach was built by people, rather than by nature. Can imagine why it was constructed? 
The waterfall shown below is on the way to the beach or can be reached by trekking a circle from Maghera, around the mountain and descending from the mountain beside this waterfall..  

For those who like to fish, trout can be caught in the pool at the base of this waterfall that is en-route to the beach, various breeds of trout (including some rare breeds of trout) are fished in the Lake above.  White trout are fished off the rocks at Maghera beach and Salmon are to be caught in the bay shown below.  Oysters and clams are farmed and exported, but visitors to the area are often able to buy some when passing.

Take in the breathtaking views at the top of the mountain and relax ... after all, coming down is much easier than going up!  

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