This is the mouth of one of the 13 sea-erosion caves that are situated at the left side of the beach.   One cave is filled almost to the top with sand that has slowly being redistributed across the rest of the beach.  The sand-filled cave is one of the largest, the mouths of the caves hide the height of the cavities within.  In the summer, edible seaweed grows on the rocks, cockels are to be found further up the beach and, as you drive to the beach,  fresh oysters or clams are often for sale.

There is a legend of a man and his dog travelling from one of these caves in to Glencolmcille.  The legend states that the dog came out in Glencolmcille, but no sign of the man was found!  

The legend of the sand filled cave is that local people hid in the cave during a time of persecution.  A candle was lit to mark a birth (or a death, depending on the version you hear!).  The light from this candle was then spotted across the bay, leading to the attack of those seeking refuge in the cave.  The legend tells us that one person survived by hiding in a high ledge in the cave out of sight of the attackers.  Nowadays visitors use this sand filled cave as a place in which to erect their tents - it's sheltered and gives a magnificent view of the beach and the sea.


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